Monday, 17 January 2011

Mario Balotelli slates Mourinho,Messi and the English Press

Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli's is the latest voice to join a chorus of negative noise against Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, blasting: "He needs to learn manners and respect"..
It's no secret that Balotelli and Mourinho endured a tense relationship during their time at Inter. The young striker was often excluded from the squad, and on one occasion threatened to walk out on the club altogether.And, when questioned as to what he thought of Mourinho by La Gazzetta dello Sport's 'extra time' publication, Balotelli reacted angrily."Mourinho is the best coach in the world, but as a man he still needs to learn manners and respect," blasted the striker.
Balotelli went on to talk about a number of his Manchester City team-mates, before slamming the much-maligned English media who recently reported on how he cheated on ex-girlfriend and England Big Brother winner Sophie Meade with the model's best friend - sleeping with her on New Year's Eve while Meade was also in the flat.“Adam Johnson has great technique and Emmanuel Adebayor is the funniest. Patrick Vieira and Aleksandr Kolarov really helped me out when I first arrived," he explained.“However, England is far ahead of the rest in terms of stadia and far behind in terms of its media. The newspapers are just trash.
“All I can say about Sophie is that I saw her once and she started bombarding me with messages, while one of her friends was far more interesting to me.”Finally, Balotelli spoke about the Serie A title race, and also said Lionel Messi didn't deserve the Ballon d'Or.“Who will win the Scudetto? Instinctively I’d say Milan, but if I think about it a bit more, then I’ll say Inter, who gave me so much," he stated.

"If I think it over again, then I want Napoli to win! I’d love to play alongside Edinson Cavani.

“The best player in Serie A is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, as he is basically from another planet. I’d pick Sebastian Giovinco as the best young Italian.

“I don’t believe Leo Messi deserved the Ballon d’Or, as it should’ve gone to Wesley Sneijder.”

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