Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The West Ham Pantomime

The pantomime that is West Ham United Football Club continues to fill the back pages of the English newspapers.Just what is going on at the club? Avram Grant Sacked screamed the headlines on Saturday morning, as it leaked out that the owners had lined up Martin O'neil as his replacement,apparently the leak came from a player that West Ham were attempting to sign.This player enquired about the position of the manager and was informed Grant was to be replaced.Martin O'neil it now appears  has distanced himself from the club, given his track record this should come as surprise to anyone although it is probably the first time he has not had to find a feeble excuse to walk out on a club.as he never walked in.Latest revelations are that the lovely Karen Brady has been text messaging members of the squad in what only can be seen as an attempt to further undermine the managers position.Meanwhile on the pitch the team crashed to a 3-0 home defeat against an Arsenal side who arrived at Upton Park on the back of a Carling cup defeat at Ipswich.The way things stand it looks as if Grant will remain as manager of the club well at least until the end of the season but who knows.watch this space.

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