Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Vieira Defends Balotelli

Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira believes Manchester City team-mate Mario Balotelli is a charming presence in the dressing room.Balotelli’s antics have caused much controversy during his 10 months in England, with the fiery Italian provoking a war of words following the historic 1-0 FA Cup semi-final win over Manchester United at Wembley last weekend.However, Vieira insists the 20-year-old did no wrong.Speaking of the incident, he said: “That’s part of his personality, that’s Balotelli’s charm.“I don’t think it was a case of provocation, I just think he got carried away.
“There was more pressure on City’s shoulders than United’s. As a club and as a team, United are more used to controlling these types of games.
“For us, it was pure joy because the club has been waiting for this for so long. And with all the press expecting United to win easily, it was a big relief.
“There was some over-excitement, but I think United’s players got carried away as well.”

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