Monday, 18 July 2011

Bryan Robson No longer Captain Marvel...more Captain Corrupt.

Former Manchester United soccer legend Bryan Robson has been secretly filmed brokering dodgy deals with foreign investors keen to buy teams In England.Footage of the ex-Manchester United skipper, 54, shows him allegedly telling would-be owners how to break FA and League rules by taking over TWO football clubs.
He scoffs at those who describe football as a "sport" - declaring as he explains how investors can make millions: "Football's a business."Former "Captain Marvel" Robson - capped 90 times for England - is shown spelling out to undercover reporters posing as middlemen how foreigners can cash in by buying a club on the cheap then flogging it.He tells them: "Build it up from nothing and say it was worth three million when you bought it and now you can sell it for £150million - that's great business by you."The key, according to Robson, is to get the team promoted to the Premier League, then sell.Boasting that he can help them wring maximum profit by getting old mates to help with transfers, he even pinpoints a string of target clubs.
They include Birmingham City, Leicester City, Sheffield United - and his top "big money" punt Sheffield Wednesday.In another meeting next day he is asked if the investors can buy Cardiff City too - despite this being a strict violation of the rules. Robson answers: "Yes."Robson's pal Joe Sim, chief adviser to the Thai FA, says in a separate meeting: "Once you have put £5million into the fund, I'll arrange for you and me, we have dinner with Sir Alex Ferguson, then Sir Alex Ferguson will tell you that he is going to lend me the players."
The Old Trafford boss's lawyers confirmed Sim is a friend but said: "He has never discussed the possibility of loaning any Manchester United players."
A spokesman for London Nominees said: "Any suggestion Bryan Robson would participate in any breach of League rules is strongly denied."

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