Thursday, 10 November 2011

Balotelli gives evidence in Italian Mafia case

Eccentric Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has told prosecutors in Italy that he saw a 'table full of drugs' at a Mafia boss's HQ in Naples. The 21-year-old Italian, who is a witness into an investigation into money-laundering in his homeland, said that he was taken into a bar by suspected crime boss Marco Iorio when he was in the Secondigliano area of the city hiring a yacht. Balotelli said that he found himself in the heartland of the Camorra crime family and immediately demanded to be taken back to his hotel. The Italian media have reported that the former Inter Milan striker said in evidence: 'I saw, from 10m, a table full of drugs.' Balotelli joined up with the Italian national side on Wednesday, and he will travel to Naples in less than a fortnight for City's Champions League tie with Napoli. But the striker has claimed his testimony is 'nothing to worry about.'

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