Thursday, 13 January 2011

Howard Webb,referee and Manchester United supporter

On this site we have the luxury of being able to express our own opinion. Unlike Ryan Babel who has been charged with improper conduct for making comments on Twitter about Howard Webb and posting
a picture of him ‘enhanced’ with a Man U shirt. Those in football are not allowed to question the integrity of the officials. Not allowed to suggest that some officials favour one team over another. So I’ll say it instead. Some officials favour Man U over other teams. The show pony that is Howard Webb is one such example. He has taken charge of Man U’s last two home matches and blatantly favoured them on both occasions. There, I’ve said it. Two soft penalties to his favourites and a harsh straight red for Gerrard. I’m no Gerrard sympathiser. Occasionally his tackling is vile. However he was unlucky on Sunday that everybody’s ‘Mr Nice Guy’, Ryan Giggs, was there to spend a couple of minutes persuading Webb to send off a fellow professional. Webb took a while to enjoy the spotlight before shooing Gerrard off to the soon to be vandalised, bowels of Old Trafford. This was the same Howard Webb who had the World Cup final stage to strut about on last summer.The one where the Dutch ran around kicking the Spanish to ribbons. Most of it much worse than Gerard’s collision with Carrick. Two or three red cards would have been justified. But this is the World Cup final and we don’t want controversy. So, there we have it. Different interpretations of the law depending upon the game and the venue. Just like I said.

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