Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Richard Keys quits sky sports after sexist row

Richard Keys has told talkSPORT he and Andy Gray got things totally wrong with their comments about Sian Massey last weekend.
The Sky Sports front man admits calling lineswoman Massey’s abilities into question was entirely inappropriate and that there’s no place for their “prehistoric banter” in the modern workplace.
Keys told the Hawksbee & Jacobs Show: “I rang Sian on behalf of Andy and myself and made it an official apology, which she accepted.
“I expressed my disappointment that Andy and I, in misguidedly having a little fun, had got it wrong. It was wrong.
“She and I enjoyed some banter together and we left on very good terms. She was in very good spirits and I explained that I was misguided. There was no excuse for anybody to make any excuse for anyone. It was wrong.
“I wanted to apologise on Monday, but was told I couldn’t. There are some dark forces at work.
“I’ve been trying to find an opportunity to do so [apologise]. There’s a firestorm raging out there and it’s been very difficult to try to get across the way I’m feeling and about the inaccurate reporting that’s out there.
“It was my idea to come and talk to you. I don’t have an agent or a spin doctor. I don’t tweet or blog, and finding myself in the middle of something like this is most discomforting.
“I’ve never had a problem in my life saying sorry when I’m wrong. It was wrong. We were wrong, totally and utterly wrong.”
At 18.55 Talksport announced Richard Keys had resigned from Skysports.

Andy Gray sacked by Sky Sports

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