Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Suarez Gives Fulham Fans the "Finger"

Kenny Dalglish sprang to the defence of Luis Suarez after the Liverpool striker was caught giving Fulham fans the finger. Suarez immersed himself in more hot water over a crude gesture after luckless Liverpool saw red at Craven Cottage. Already in the dock at the Football Association over alleged racist remarks aimed Manchester United's Patrice Evra, the Uruguay international faces another charge on account of his sigh language. "I haven't seen the pictures and I'm not taking anybody's word for it," he said. "If you show me the picture and what you're saying is true, then I've got a decision to make." Suarez had a goal disallowed in a tight offside call, was denied a penalty and was bated throughout by cries of "cheat" from the home support. Asked what he thought of Fulham fans branding Suarez a "cheat", Dalglish snapped: "Scandalous. We'll look after Luis as best we can, and I think it's about time he got a bit of protection from some people. "His integrity is impeccable, he can look in the mirror, go to bed at night and sleep soundly." The Kop boss added: "We'll look after Luis as best we can and I think it's about time he got a bit of protection from some people. "If other people can do that then fine. All we ask is to be fair, is to be honest."

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  1. They Booed him, they game has finished - so what! If someone booed me constantly i'd do that same. Suarez isn't the most fair player around, he has good diving capabilities, but he was pissed off. If he can't do that, then maybe football is becoming totally stupid. When I go to my club home games, players applause the fans, what's the difference. Its a gesture of appreciation, Suarez was pissed off and showed with his chosen gesture!

    Happy Days! Suarez, do that same next game too please :D