Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Joe Cole Set for Anfield return

The chances of Joe Cole remaining at Lille for another season are slim according to their president Michel Seydoux.The England international has enjoyed a successful season in France after joining Lille on loan last summer and he has already expressed his interest in possibly staying there for a further year.His wages appear to be the stumbling block though as he is said to be earning £90,000 a week of which Lille pay a percentage, Lille are third in Ligue 1 with five games remaining, if they qualify for the Champions League then the chance of him staying increases, otherwise it could be back to Anfield for Cole.Seydoux said: "It's rare that an England international comes to France and that he then publicly declares he wants to stay."We will see. I haven't found a machine yet that lets you make beautiful bank notes by pedalling."It's true that the league table will have a bearing on Lille's recruitment."

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